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X-ray |noun|  1. a ray with a very short wavelength, which is invisible, but can go through soft tissue or material and register as a photograph on a film  2. a photograph taken using X-rays - |verb| to take an X-ray photograph of luggage


yard |noun| a unit of length in the US and British Imperial Systems equal to 3 ft or 0.9144 m. Abbreviation: yd


yaw |noun| rotation of the aircraft around its vertical axis / Three-axis control of roll, pitch and yaw is effected by ailerons, elevators and rudder. / - |verb| to rotate around the vertical axis / Single-engine, propeller-driven aircraft tend to yaw on take-off. /

yaw control |noun| the control of the aircraft about the vertical axis managed mainly by the rudder

yaw damper |noun| a flight control system which sends inputs to the rudder in order to counter the effects of turbulence and avoid the aircraft oscillating from side to side, which is called Dutch roll. If the yaw damper fails the aircraft may suffer from Dutch roll.

yellow system |noun| one of the three hydraulic systems (green, blue, yellow) on Airbus aircraft. Boeing identify their hydraulic systems numerically.

yoke |noun|  1. a type of aircraft control column by which the pilot controls ailerons by rotating a device on top of the column to the left or right / Rotate the yoke to the left to roll the aircraft to the left. /  2. a supporting structure like the forked metal mounting for the nose-wheel / The yoke was damaged in the incident. /


Z |abbreviation| Zulu time


zero |noun| nought or the figure 0 / If the atmospheric pressure at an airfield is 1,000 millibars (mb) and this pressure is set on the sub-scale of an aircraft altimeter, then when that aircraft touches down at the airfield, the altimeter will read zero. /

zero deviation signal |noun| a signal which indicates that the aircraft is correctly aligned on the ILS and should not be confused with no deviation signal, which means that no information is displayed

zero-zero |adjective| referring to flying conditions of thick, low cloud when a pilot can see nothing ahead and nothing above or below the aircraft


zonal |adjective| referring to one of the five parts into which the Earth’s surface is divided by imaginary lines parallel to the equator / The circulation of air around the Earth is zonal in character. /


zone |noun|  1. an area with particular features or purpose  2. an administrative area of airspace / control zone, aerodrome traffic zone (ATZ) /  3. one of five divisions into which the Earth’s surface is divided by imaginary lines parallel to the equator / temperate zone, climatic zone /


zoom |verb| to make an aircraft climb rapidly at a very steep angle, or move upwards in this way

Zulu time |noun| - Greenwich Mean Time

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