Glossary - Letter Q

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Q-code |noun| an international telegraph code which is now used in RTF operations


QDM |noun| in the Q-code system, the magnetic bearing to a direction-finding station

QEC |abbreviation| Quick Engine Change

QFE |noun| in the Q-code system, the atmospheric pressure at aerodrome level


QFI |abbreviation| qualified flying instructor


QNE |noun| in the Q-code system, the altimeter setting for flight level reading, 1013.25 mb


QNH |noun| in the Q-code system, the atmospheric pressure at mean sea level


QNH datum |noun| the barometric level from which altitude is measured

QRC / QRH |abbreviation| Quick Reference Checklist / Handbook

QTE |noun| in the Q-code system, the true bearing from a direction-finding station


quadrant |noun|  1. a device shaped like a quarter of a circle - gated quadrant > a quadrant with a device preventing a lever from being moved to an incorrect setting / The throttles, usually known as power levers, operate in a gated quadrant. /  2. - compass quadrant > the quarter part of a circle centered on a navigational aid (NOTE: NE quadrant = 000° – 089°; SE quadrant = 090° – 179°; SW quadrant = 180° – 269°; NW quadrant = 270° – 359°.)


quadratic |adjective| referring to a quadrant or to a quarter of a circle - quadratic error > a radio signal error caused by the metal structure of the receiving aircraft - quadratic height > flight levels in each of the compass quadrants designed to provide safe separation for aircraft heading towards each other


qualified |adjective| having gained a certificate after having completed a specialized course of study


qualified flying instructor |noun| a pilot with an instructor’s rating. Abbreviation: QFI


qualify |verb|  1. to add reservations or modify an earlier statement to make it less absolute / Fire in the wing may cause the captain to qualify the evacuation command, informing cabin crew of these conditions and allowing them to adjust the evacuation plan accordingly. /  2. to study for and obtain a diploma which allows to do a particular type of work / He qualified as an engineer in 1996. /


quality |noun| the amount of excellence of something / Satisfactory ignition depends on the quality of the fuel. /


quantity |noun| the size, extent, weight, amount or number of something / A small quantity of illegal drug was found in the passenger’s bag. /


quarter |noun| one fourth of something / The fuel tank is only a quarter full. /

Quick Engine Change |noun| the replacement of an aircraft engine in the field. Abbreviation: QEC

Quick Reference Checklist / Handbook |noun| a concise document listing actions to be performed in abnormal situations. Abbreviation: QRC / QRH

quiet hours |noun| the time, typically 23:00–06:00, when aircraft movements to and from the airport are restricted or prohibited to avoid disturbance by noise / We need to expedite our departure or we will be into quiet hours on arrival. /

QUJ |noun| in the Q-code system, the true track to reach a destination

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