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Terminals have always been, and probably always will be the "bottle-necks" of transportation, whether of ground, water or air systems.

- Harry H. Blee.


Hello, I’m AirportFreak™ and this is my website that I have created to help people understand the world of aircraft ground handling. I was born in 1977. and after I graduated at Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences (University of Zagreb) I started working at Zagreb Airport. I started working as a baggage handler. After that I was a marshaller, weight and balance agent, load control office supervisor, aircraft handling supervisor and traffic center dispatcher. I am currently working as an airport duty manager. I'd like to dedicate this website to my late father, my mother and my wife and children who have been supporting me in my life this whole time, and to all the fools who love the beautiful fragrance of the burnt kerosene.

So . . . Thanks for reading! Please, feel free to take a look around my site, don't hesitate to watch some of my aircraft ground handling videos . . . And don’t be a stranger!

You can handle it!

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