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J |symbol| joule


JAA |abbreviation| Joint Aviation Authorities


jack |noun| a powered device to move heavy components, such as control surfaces of large aircraft


jacket |noun|  1. a short coat with long sleeves worn with trousers or skirt  2. an outer covering or casing / Liquid cooling of a piston engine is achieved by circulating a liquid around the cylinder barrels, through a passage formed by a jacket on the outside. /


jam |verb| to cause moving parts to become locked and unable to be moved - a jammed door > a door which has become fixed and unmovable / The investigation revealed that the accident had been caused by the controls being jammed due to a spanner caught in the control cables. /


JAR |abbreviation| Joint Aviation Requirements


jato |noun| an auxiliary jet or rocket designed to aid the combined thrust of aircraft jet engines during take-off


jeopardize |verb| to put in doubt or danger / Injury to a crew member will seriously jeopardize the successful evacuation of the aircraft. /


Jeppesen chart |noun| a type of aeronautical chart produced by a US company and widely used by pilots in aviation. Jeppesen charts represent a very high quality of cartography. Different charts exist for each arrival and type of arrival. Other Jeppesen charts include Standard Instrument Departures (SID), airport charts, approach charts, route plotting charts, VFR charts and high level en-route charts for larger regions. Many charts have a validity of only two weeks and must be constantly updated. Electronic charts are becoming more and more common. In addition to the cartographic and flight path information in the middle of the page, the chart contains a wealth of information about the airport and its facilities: radio frequencies, airport elevation, minimum safety altitudes, missed approach points and holdings, location and altitude of obstacles, transition altitudes and levels, RVR, minima etc.


jet |noun|  1. a strong fast stream of fluid forced out of an opening  2. a type of engine used to power modern aircraft which takes in air at the front, mixes it with fuel, burns the mixture and the resulting expansion of gases provides thrust / The turbo jet engine was invented by Frank Whittle in 1941. /  3. a type of aircraft which has jet engines / The deHavilland Comet was the first commercial jet. /


jet-bridge |noun| same as loading bridge


jet fighter |noun| a fighter plane that is powered by a jet engine or engines


jet lag |noun| the temporary disturbance of body rhythms such as sleep and eating habits, caused by high-speed travel across several time zones / When I fly to Canada, it always takes me a couple of days to recover from jet lag. /


jetliner |noun| a large passenger aircraft powered by jet engines


jet plane |noun| an aircraft powered by jet engines


jet-propelled aircraft |noun| aircraft powered by jet engines


jet propulsion |noun| jet power which provides thrust for an aircraft / The first known example of jet propulsion was when Hero, a Greek engineer, made a machine as a toy in the year 120 BC. /


jet stream |noun|  1. a band of strong winds at high altitude / The occurrence of the equatorial jet stream is due to a temperature gradient with colder air to the south. /  2. the flow of gases from a jet engine


jettison |verb| to throw off or release from a moving aircraft / The undercarriage failed to retract and the captain had to jettison the fuel over the sea before landing the aircraft. /

jetway |noun| a telescopic walkway for passengers disembark from and board the aircraft directly to and from the terminal building. Also called: airbridge or jetty

join |verb|  1. to connect / Join the two wires. With a pencil and ruler, join point A to point B. /  2. to bring together to make one whole part / Wing panels are joined by rivets. /  3. to become a member of a club, etc. / She had to pay a membership fee to join the gliding club. /

joining clearance |noun| an authorization to join a circuit prior to approach and landing

joint |noun| the place at which two or more things are joined together / Fuselage frame rings are formed with only one joint. / - |adjective| combined, with two or more things linked together or shared by two or more people / a joint effort /


Joint Aviation Authorities |noun| a body, consisting of European representatives, set up to control and regulate aspects of civil aviation in Europe / The Joint Aviation Authorities is an arrangement between European countries which has developed since the 1970s. / Abbreviation: JAA


Joint Aviation Requirement |noun| a JAA requirement concerning design, manufacture, maintenance and operation of aircraft. Abbreviation: JAR (NOTE : JARs of relevance to maintenance staff are JAR-145, JAR-OPS 1 and JAR-OPS 3.)


joule |noun| an International System unit of electrical, mechanical, and thermal energy / Ignition units are measured in joules (1 joule = 1 watt per second). / (NOTE: It is usually written J with figures: 25J.)


jumbo |noun| same as jumbo jet (informal)


jumbo jet |noun| a large wide-bodied aircraft capable of carrying several hundred passengers


jump jet |noun| a jet aircraft with fixed wings that can take off and land vertically


junction |noun| a place where two things meet / the junction of two wires /


junction box |noun| electrical unit where a number of wires can be connected together

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