Airports in entertainment

I've never known an industry that can get into people's blood the way aviation does.

- Robert Six, founder of Continental Airlines.

Washington Dulles International Airport

Washington Dulles International Airport

Airports have played major roles in films and television programs due to its very nature as a transport and international hub, and sometimes because of distinctive architectural features of particular airports. One such example of this is The Terminal, a film about a man who becomes permanently grounded in an airport terminal and must survive only on the food and shelter provided by the airport. They are also one of the major elements in movies such as The V.I.P.s, Airplane!, Airport, Die Hard 2, Soul Plane, Jackie Brown, Get Shorty, Home Alone, Liar Liar, Passenger 57, Final Destination, Unaccompanied Minors, Catch Me If You Can, Rendition and The Langoliers. They have also played important parts in television series like Lost, The Amazing Race, America's Next Top Model, Cycle 10 which have significant parts of their story set within airports. In other programs and films, airports are merely indicative of journeys, e.g. Good Will Hunting. Several computer simulation games put the player in charge of an airport. These include the Airport Tycoon series.

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